This Site features the Guide Dogs Puppies walked by Carol and Tony Jose since the commencement of our Puppywalking career in 2001.

Although we started out in Essex, in November of 2012 we made the move to Lincolnshire, anticipating the end of our association with Guide Dogs. However it was with a great deal of joy, that we learned from Guide Dogs that we were to be allowed to continue Puppywalking, despite the lack of an established scheme in Lincolnshire. It was felt that with our experience and  willingness to work with our supervisor, sharing the travelling for visits etc. We were given the opportunity to finish  walking the Puppy we had at that time and to undertake a further Puppies for the next few years.

In 2017 our role changed due to a policy change within Guide Dogs and we became long term borders, with many of the puppies and dogs joining us having obedience or health issues.

All of our Puppies and dogs enjoy the support of the whole village and are made welcome in all of the local establishments, as are most dogs. With luck we shall continue with many more Puppies which I hope to feature on this site.